Iran visa FAQ

Please consider that most of the question have been answered in other sections and if you have further questions please ask us through the "contact us" page. Below we have answered some the most frequently questions.

1. Do all nationalities need a visa to visit Iran?

Every foreign visitor is required visa to enter Iran except the following:
nationals of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia and Turkey for stays of up to 3 months. Nationals of Israel will be refused entry under all circumstances.

2. Are all nationalities able to get the visa to visit Iran?

Except Isreali passport holders all nationalities are able to get the visa stamp to visit Iran.

3. Are all nationalities allowed to visit Iran on their own after they get their visa?

Except American citizens all other citizens can visit Iran on their own.

4. Is it possible to apply for the visa without any itinerary?

It is strongly recommended to plan your trip and get your visa based on that so that you wont face any problem while in Iran.

5. Is it necessary to book any service before getting the visa?

No booking is needed to get your Iran visa.

6. Is there any limitation or requirement on alone female travelers in getting the visa?

No limitation is set for a female traveler to get her visa to visit Iran.